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Market liberalization in the former Yugoslavia and opening up to that moment exclusive for state owned companies reserved areas of business, in year 1990 was founded a private company Albex Export-Import Ltd. Visoko.

From beginning Albex Export-Import aspired to the highest standards in terms of quality of products, goods and services offered and provides on the domestic and foreign market which is now transformed into our mission:


Albex Export-Import constantly looking for new business ideas and ventures. We can proudly say that we are one of the first private companies in BiH registered and certified in the affairs of international forwarding and as such we have been one of the initiators of the opening of the customs office in Visoko which was one of the cornerstones of economic development even beyond the region.
Combination of huge experience of founders and owners of companies Mr.Alija Bojcic and his partner, Mr. Fehim Frljak in the leather industry with a motive to preserve the centuries-old tradition of Visoko as a city of leather, was the initiator of the next phase of its corporate development, which becomes the group with foundation of special business units for purchase and primary processing of hides and skins in 2001 and then as the logical sequence production units in 2006.

The company today:
Combination of experience, tradition and the freshness of youth and educated people who have joined our team, has enabled us to further development and expansion and successful cooperation on the overall market of the former Yugoslavia and the region of Southeast Europe. In this aim, Albex-Group founded in 2007 two daughter-companies in Serbia and his business philosophy poured into our vision:


Albex-Group is now organized as a group relying on partnership and family relations Bojčić - Grujić - Frljak that incorporate their years of experience in professional and skilled organization in the business:
-> Export / Import, Market Research
-> Purchase and sale of raw-salted skins of all kinds, storage, processing and manufacturing
-> Freight Forwarder-representation in customs procedures and transport organization in the country and abroad

Albex-Group is in all business activities recognized as a serious company in the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans, with a network of 10 specialized points for the purchase of and primary processing of raw-salted skins of all types and categories and as a reliable partner of our suppliers.

Currently Albex-Group employs 31 employees with the intention of constant growth in the number of employees and their training.

Our office building was built and equipped with own funds in accordance with the highest European standards for all jobs of group. In order to maintain the highest EU standards in the field of business, Albex-Group is certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.
With 95% of annual turnover in foreign markets, Albex Group is an export-oriented enterprise. Expertise in a very demanding market of the leather with the proven quality, keeps us at the top of the European and world market. Today, we can proudly say that we have the quality of work and reached such a level that the leather of Albex-Group is used in the automotive industry and is installed in the vehicles of famous car manufacturers.

Mi smo uvijek blizu, a Vi? – Vi niste nikada daleko! --- Wir sind immer in der Nähe und Sie? – Sie sind nie zu weit!
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